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  • Regular account statements directly from issuer
  • Periodic printed account reviews (via US mail)
  • Annual review including account performance and updating of key planning reports upon request
  • Responsiveness to your inquiries and account service needs.
  • Comprehensive consideration of your financial needs including strategies, advice or recommendations in life and health insurance, investments, retirement planning and estate and trust planning. A list of referrals for tax and legal professionals are available upon request. We do not offer tax or legal services and encourage the use of professional advisors in these areas.
  • Proactive contact when decisions need to be made on investment accounts or life insurance
  • Year-end consultation on accounts and reports to assist with tax preparation.
  • If directed by you, direct consultation with your tax professional on issues pertaining to tax form preparation
  • Reports and materials on planning strategies and individual investments upon request
  • The resources and expertise of a full-service, local financial firm
  • Objective advice coupled with a commitment to continuing professional education.
  • Adherence to the highest level of business and professional ethics
  • Office hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday; office is closed on New York Stock Exchange holidays
About David LaRue

David LaRue is currently the Founder of “The Harvard Group” Companies. He is both Managing Member and Broker for Harvard Real Estate. He is also the Chairman of the Board and responsible for Private Client Group Management for Harvard Financial Group Inc. David has been a resident in Palm Beach County for over 14 years.

He has been practicing Financial and Real Estate Planning for over 20 years. David specializes primarily with people who are retired or about to retire and teaches them complex income tax and estate tax laws regarding retirement distributions. David has earned just about every accolade you would expect of a Financial and Real Estate Advisor. He began his career in residential real estate development in metro Boston MA. He was founder and Manager of New England Home Construction Inc. In 1994 David and Partners formed Joseph Charles and Associates, a local investment banking and planning firm here in Palm Beach County, which employed over 300 licensed stockbrokers in over 8 cities with annual revenues in excess of 40mm. David has extensive experience in Investment Banking, Mergers & Acquisitions, Merchant Banking, and Large Portfolio Management and is directly responsible for funding and listing over 30 companies on to the NASDAQ Markets.

He has as of 1984, a degree in Applied Sciences and a minor in Business from Bryant College of Rhode Island. He has recently been nominated 2006 Businessman of the Year by Republican Business Advisory Counsel. David is also unique in his total commitment to servicing his clients. The high degree of client satisfaction is evidenced by the fact that most of his clients refer friends and relatives that may also benefit from his services.

About Todd Waxman

Todd Waxman is the CEO of Harvard Financial and is experienced in developing financial strategies and overseeing wealth management. Mr. Waxman is also an accomplished Real-Estate Investor and Developer with 20+ years experience in all facets of investing and financial planning including retirement preparation, taxation strategies, and investment management. He has also raised millions of dollars through private placement offerings tied to industrial real estate portfolios while developing and selling large portfolios of commercial properties to REITS and private investors.

Mr. Waxman currently serves on the Board Of Directors of Waxman Industries Inc. and is also on the Board of Active Senior Concepts, an Assisted Living Development co based in Atlanta Ga. He earned an MBA in Finance from The University of Miami and a BSM from Tulane University AB Freeman school of business.

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