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The goal of all retirees is to always have a source of income. There was a time that retirees could rely on Social Security and pensions as their sole sources of income and live relatively comfortable lifestyles. That has changed. Life expectancies have dramatically increased over the years as pension plans have diminished. This, coupled with the uncertain future of Social Security, has left retirees with an income gap and a desperate need for solutions.

You must take a closer look at your current retirement strategy and ask yourself if you are fully prepared for a retirement that may indeed last longer than you anticipate. That is, are you financially prepared for a retirement that lasts 20 or 30 years? If not, you are at risk of outliving your current retirement fund. One outstanding option for your future financial security is in annuities.

Our exciting family of Hybrid Indexed Annuities are designed to offer you downside protection and deliver gains when the stock markets go up. There are enhanced benefits this annuity offers like upside market potential, the fact you will never outlive this income and it is guaranteed income that may increase every year.

Each client has unique needs based of their retirement goals. At Harvard Financial, we will create a customized retirement plan to fit your every need. We understand you want a happy and fulfilling retirement and we will work with you to achieve those goals. Contact us today to see how we can make your retirement dreams a reality.

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Retirement Savings

Deferred annuities are long-term investments that can be used for both savings income and retirement income. They are a way to save more for retirement if you have contributed the maximum amount to your IRA, 401K or other tax-deferred savings plan. Fixed annuities feature tax-deferred growth at a fixed interest rate with safety of principal. This type of annuity may appeal to those who have a conservative approach to retirement.

Retirement Savings & Income

Deferred variable annuities are long-term investments that have a rate of return based on the investments of your choice. These annuities typically offer numerous investment options that helps diversify your retirement plan. As with fixed annuities, variable annuities offer tax-deferred growth. Deferred variable annuities with a withdrawal benefit provide guaranteed lifetime income with growth potential and access to assets.

Retirement Income

Income annuities can turn a portion of your savings into a stream of income for either the rest of your life or a set period of time.

That is, it offers the unique benefit of providing income that you cannot outlive. It’s funded by a single premium converted into a steady stream of guaranteed income payments. These payments can begin now or in the future and can last for the rest of your life.


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